Thanks to our very large raw material suppliers base, we are keen to present you every seasons our very rich collection of basics, innovative & on-trend fabrics from around the world.

Within the following pages, you will find a non-exhaustive selection of seasonal Woven & Knit qualities which match with actual trends and type of products we manufacture.

All submitted raw materials come from reliable fabric Mills, those suppliers are fully managed by our vendors and their liaison offices following vendors & customers compliances requirements.

All selected fabrics qualities are subjected to the usual raw material testing & performance procedures approved by certified textile laboratories, which includes:

  1. Fabric quality: Thread count, weight, Yarn size, construction, fiber content.
  2. Flammability
  3. Dimensional stability: shrinkage
  4. Strength properties
  5. Pilling
  6. Colorfastness
  7. Formaldehyde, Azo colorants
  8. Specific technical fabrics test: UV transmittance, bonded, water repellency, waterproofness…
  9. And more at request